We’ve all seen it, the family on the side of the roads with posters of a recently passed loved one asking for money to bury them. The pain of losing a loved one, now attached to the burden of having to do whatever you can do to afford putting them to rest. Have it stop with you.

Did you know about 76% of Americans have some form of life insurance, though only 24% of this group has adequate coverage? That means almost 60% of Americans are 1 paycheck away from going bankrupt. Don’t let your family be another statistic.

Life Insurance needs to start being viewed as a tool, rather than an expense. We insure our homes, cell phones, cars, and even dogs, yet we never take the time to properly insure our number one asset, us. It’s not very expensive to properly insure yourself to not only protect you, but also your loved ones who depend on you. “But it only benefits my family when I die.” Not true. Today’s life insurance plans offer what we call, Living Rider Benefits. Which means if you get a major heart attack, cancer, stroke, cant perform 2 out of the 6 Activities of Daily Living or become permanently disabled, you can actually have access up to 95% of your insurance amount without having to pass away! Hate the needle? Some companies even allow you to get approved without the need for any medical exams.

What’s your excuse?

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