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Your Medicare Plan Should Be As Unique As You Are

Medicare Is Confusing,

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Unique Plans for Your Individual Needs

Is your plan catering to your specific health needs? Plan4Life Insurance caters to your individual Medicare plan to fit your individual needs for all your Drs, Medications, In-Patient Care, and Travel Needs using custom D-SNPs C-SNPs to cater to most, if not all, your needs.

A Plan as Individual as You

Just Getting Into Medicare?

Let Us Help You Set it Up Right the First Time.

Do You Have Medigap Coverage?

Did you know Original Medicare only covers 80% of all your medical costs? Talk to an agent today about Medigap so when life happens, you’re protected.

Stop Wasting Money On Deductibles and Surcharges

Plan4Life Insurance

What You Do Today, Will Prepare Your Family For Tomorrow.

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Stop Thinking About It.

If you’ve ever gone to buy something, sat down with the sales rep and ran the numbers, got that weird feeling in your stomach like, “this isn’t a good deal” and when asked if you want to move forward say, “I need to think about it.” Well when it comes to your life insurance, STOP. […]

Part D Basic

Most of the Hype is for the most part on Medicare A and B “Original Medicare”. No one mentions Part D unless you need it, and by then you will most likely, not like it. Basically you must sign up for a Part D if you are Original Medicare eligible and do not have eligible […]

Is Your Business Thriving?

Are you an Insurnace Agency Owner/Manager? Is your business growing every year? Or are you stagnent? It’s said that 92% of insurance agents will fail in this industry within 3 years. Leaving, the obvious, 8% of agents succeeding to some degree or another. The secret? Building a duplicatable, yet simple platform to plug and play. […]